Friday, February 25, 2011

I've been feeling crampy today, which leads me to believe I can expect a period in a week or so. We're disappointed, but, like last month, there's a hopefulness that comes with it because we know we're moving on to at least an IUI if not IVF. It feels like our chances are increasing. I enjoy feeling like I'm doing something to move this process along, so it makes me happy to get the U/S and blood work done. Unless of course it's bad, which has happened and sucked. That was when my TSH was high.

I started the methyldopa for my BP. It's dropped my diastolic like mad, but my home BP machine had my Systolic at 150 last night. I discovered it wasn't plugged in all the way so it might have been an issue with that. Generally it's been reading about 135/69, which is better than it was, and diastolic is more important anyway. I'm going to get it checked at the health center today too.

Other good news. I'm down 10.5 pounds, and it's not even my official weigh in yet, so I think my official 7 week total will be about 11 pounds. That's not bad considering I was on a business trip one week, and actually gained 3 a different week! I've been to the gym 3 times this week and am going tomorrow as well. I still have 3.4 to go to meet the IVF weight, and I'll be weighing in in 7-10 days I'd imagine. It's a lofty goal, but I will find a way to meet it so I don't have to wait another month.

I'm feeling very good about my efforts. I've stuck with Weight Watchers for 7 whole weeks now and I feel good. I'm not binge eating, and I'm not eating to the point where my stomach hurts. I'm making choices and really thinking about "do I need the 6 points for that salad dressing or can I just get a regular vegetable?". I feel like I'm making really great progress, and in another week or two I should be at 5% lost. Plus, if I do meet the IVF goal, I'll have another month before the stims start to continue losing. I'd like to be back to where I was before I started the prednisone the first time... 14 pounds UNDER the IVF limit. Stupid prednisone.

We've also been working out our finances. I am so positive about the IVF, but there is a 48% chance (by clinic statistics) that we won't take home a baby, and we'll need other options. At this point it's looking like we'll have enough money to do a FET without taking out a loan if we have frozen babies. If we have to do fresh, we'll need a loan, but we can easily afford the monthly payment. If all goes well, all of my credit cards will be paid off by April, and Andy's will be half way there. We'll have some money in savings, which is a new thing for us, too. We're actually looking at Andy quitting his job and going back to school full time when the baby comes. It'll save us a bunch of money in daycare, and allow Andy to get a degree, which is something he's always wanted to do. And I can afford all our bills on my salary, with enough left to keep putting money in savings and pay for diapers and things.

I'm feeling good about this year. We've had a terrible few years and it seems like we're finally getting our finances in order, our health in order, and hopefully we'll get pregnant or even have the baby this year. I'm hopeful and thankful to God for these opportunities. I'm actually excited to see what happens with this whole IVF thing, and hopefully my kidneys will just decide to snap out of it too lol.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today is Wednesday, 2/23. I still have no idea if I ovulated. The good CM is gone, and my ovaries are twinging like they normally do post-O. My temp doesn't seem high enough, but I dont know what it was before, so I should stop bothering. Andy is feeling very positive this month, and I suppose I should at least accept that it's possible. I got a +OPK and plenty of CM, but I'm not feeling positive. Usually I get crampy by now, too, so I'm wondering if my period will even come in any semblance of a normal timeframe. I should stop feeling so doubtful, but I'm just trying not to get my hopes up about anything.

I did start working out. I did a short workout at home Saturday, and I went to deep water jogging Monday, and I did 1/2 hour on the bike yesterday. So far it's paying off. I'm back down to 3.8 pounds from my goal. Granted, if I did ovulate on Saturday, I can expect my period in about 10 days, so it's a bit of a lofty goal, but I refuse to wait another whole month, so I will do whatever I have to. I thought about telling them I'm actually 5/10 1/2" lol. My mom looked very short to me the other day, so I thought perhaps I'd measured wrong. Yes, I'm honestly thinking about measuring myself somewhere. But in the mean time, I'm doing well. I've decided to try to use as few of my weekly points as possible, and use activity points as much as I can when I need to go over my daily points alotment. Down 2 pounds from Sunday, I'd say it's working. My ankles are also back to normal, so it looks like the swelling was indeed just from all the sodium they use in restaurants. Of course that could account for the weight loss, but I don't think so. At least not all of it. I wasn't swollen when I originally weighed higher, so I think actually losing fat has something to do with it.

Tomorrow I've got a great day planned out with tons of great food, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and 1 point left over after all of it. I built in a couple of snacks, too, because I plan to head straight to the gym after work and do at least an hour of cardio. What else am I going to do on a Thursday with hubs at work until 8? Why not get in shape? I'm going to plug in, watch tv, and work my butt off. If I get enough points back I might even splurge on some macaroni and cheese. Mmmm. Macaroni and cheese. I'm actually excited to work out tomorrow. I find it relaxing, and they have a new machine I want to try. It's a stationary bike with pull handles like an elliptical. There are only 2 of them, but if one is empty I'm going to try it. And then perhaps the arc trainer. And I think Saturday I'm going to swim. I'm really liking going to the gym, and I feel like.. if meeting this goal and having a baby doesn't motivate me, nothing will! But so far it has and it's great.

My mom called me today to tell me she got a promotion. I'm very excited for her. She did tell me as she was hanging up, "I've got plans for the baby!" Lol. Great. No pressure, mom. Now, along with all the clothes and pack-n-play and high chair stuff, we've got "plans" of some sort. She cracks me up. My family, unlike a lot of other families, is awesome when it comes to this stuff. They do tend to tell me to relax, but it comes from a place of... I'm always insanely stressed, and my overall health will benefit if I chill out. Aside from that, anything else they say comes out of pure positivity and faith that this will work. Andy's the same way. He told me yesterday that every time he hears someone is having a baby he wants to hit them lol. He said that it's not as much for him, but that he knows how much I want a baby, and that so many people that have made a lot of awful choices can have them so easily. It was sweet in a weird way. And I know part of it is for him, too.

I've also decided to keep a running tally of the actual costs for my IVF so as soon as I start my next cycle, we'll begin with $118.50 for Day 3 blood work and Ultrasound. Hopefully this can help some others who may be curious about costs. I'll try to get pre-insurance costs as well. 3.8 pounds to go. I can do this.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today was weigh-in day. I actually weighed a bit less than last week, but it still looks like a gain because I'd gained weight then. So I'm  5 pounds from my goal with only 2 weeks left! I refuse to screw this up. I must start IVF next month, so Im' really hunkering down. I've decided to try not to use my weekly points, and if I need to go over, to do exercise to gain some points back.

I'm still not sure if I ovulated, despite having had all the signs. My temp was an entire degree higher today than yesterday, but it wasn't high enough to think it meant something. Although I suppose the temp difference means more than the temp itself, and I haven't really been temping, so I can't tell. I had good CM again today, which is weird, but not unheard of. My ovaries hurt much less, so something has changed. I guess I'll know for sure if I get my period in two weeks or so.

I started my blood pressure medicine today so we'll see how that works. I'd love to start the pregnancy at 120/70 so it'll be easier to keep track of.

We went to Walmart today and I showed Andy some cute baby clothes. He said he had a dream last night that we had a baby and he was so happy. It's cool that he can look at baby clothes and get excited and make cute faces. Hopefully just a few more weeks until we're actually buying!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm coming up on the end of my 5th week of Weight Watchers. At the end of the third week I was down to 274, but by the 4th I was up to 277. I'd had a sort of bad week, but not enough to gain 3 pounds. I decided not to record my weight because I didn't want to get down on myself. But it looks like I will be 277 at tomorrow's weigh-in as well. I was on a business trip and ate each meal out for an entire week but managed to stay on plan. I was walking, too. But somehow I didn't lose. It's disheartening because I've been trying, although I know I should be proud that I didn't gain weight despite eating out for 6 days. Plus, I've been retaining tons of water. When it gets to the point where I can physically see it, I know it's a lot. I'm drinking as much as I can to flush it out. With my kidneys, I tend to hold onto water much more easily than others, so it's another reason I shouldn't be upset. The only problem is I'm pretty sure I ovulated this morning, which means I need to weigh in in 2 weeks. And I need to be 271.  Yes, we could do an IUI, but I don't want to. I want to get started on the IVF. I guess the only thing I can do is try even harder this week. I'm going to add in some light cardio and see if I get the heart palpitations. I know I need to go to the cardiologist about them, but I'd bet money it's the prednisone. They started when I started it and lessened as I lessened my dosage. I had an EKG a month or two before I started and it was fine.

I've got a lot on my mind with this weight. I want to lose it in time, but 2 weeks? *sigh*. I thought I'd ovulated yesterday, but my temp was 95 something this morning lol. Then I got more pains this morning so I think that might have been it. I hope I actually ovulate. I had tons of EWCM an a +OPK, so that's good. I'm just waiting for the temp change. If it happened this morning that would be awesome because we'll have timed things right.

I need to stop worrying so much, and just do the best I can. I'm doing well today, and I'll be making food at home next week. I've done well and I'm going to keep doing well. I can do it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I believe the agreement has been reached. I was ready to show my body who is boss when I got EWCM smack in the middle of my trip, but 3 - OPKs later I think I'm OK. It's much darker today and I think it will be + tomorrow so hopefully I will O really really late tomorrow or on Saturday and we can catch our egg.

I've managed to stay on Weight Watchers this week. I don't have any weekly points left, but there are only two days left in the week. I hope I lose weight!! I'm really proud of myself. I've eaten more fruits and vegetables and chosen some better things which is hard on a trip! Even if I don't get pregnant, I plan to be starting IVF next month and I'm super excited, and we're doing an IUI if for some reason I haven't met the weight, but I'm trying and doing well. So yay!! IVF!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My body and I are attempting to come to some semblance of an understanding. It is making it abundantly clear to me that it does not like soy. I've noted this, and taken it to heart. You're welcome, ovaries. No more soy. I drew a little chart to express how my body makes me feel on both cycles. Here it is:

As you can see, I'm much happier on a non-soy cycle. Let's compare.

Day 1: Soy cycle = shitty. I'm not pregnant. Non-Soy = Shitty. I'm not pregnant
Day 5: Soy Cycle = Ovaries hurt 'cause of 3 days of soy. Non-soy = Getting closer to Ovulation!
Day 12: Soy Cycle = Dammit, Ovaries. OW! Non-soy = EWCM? WOW!
Day 16: Soy Cycle = Dammit, ow. Where is O? Non-soy = O! YAY!
Day 21: Soy Cycle = Yay! O! Too bad it's late and my hormones are screwed and my LP will be short. Non-Soy = Phantom symptoms! Yay!
Day 31: Soy Cycle = Period. Non-Soy = No period? Pregnant!?

And that's about how it is. Clearly my body does not appreciate soy. So here I am on day 12 of a non-soy cycle with copious amounts of CM and a husband 1000 miles away. Of COURSE this happens when I'm on a business trip. Well if the past is any indication, I have 4 days of CM and then O day 16, and I'll be home day 16, so I guess we have a shot, though it would've been nice to start now!

And my diet? Uhm, it's a business trip. Not conducive to eating healthy. BUT I do have 12 weekly points left and I can stay within them, so hopefully I'll lose weight. 2.5 weeks to weigh in if I O at day 16 after all. We'll see. I'm trying! I just need to try even harder the two weeks I'm home. Swim, swim, swim and cook food at home. Less fat, less salt. I can do it!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welllllllllllllllllll... I have a secret. But since no one in my "real" life reads this, I'm going to post it here. We've spontaneously decided to do an IUI with Ovidrel this cycle. We were about to do one last July when we got bad kidney news. Well I just realized that I already paid for bloodwork and ultrasound which came back great, and I've already had the HSG, so why waste the $118 when we can just do an IUI? I have to wait until March to do the IVF, and, if nothing else, we can say "hey, we tried it". I called my nurse to tell her but I haven't heard back. I'm pretty excited about it. I hope she has time to order the Ovidrel and that the Dr. approves it. I don't see why they wouldn't. I am going to be in WI next week, but I don't normally ovulate before day 16, so I'll test while I'm out there, and if for some reason I ovulate early we'll cancel it, but otherwise we'll just go with it and give it a try. I hope she calls me back and we can get it set in stone. Andy sounded pretty excited and willing to do his part lol. It would be pretty cool to get pregnant with IUI this month, but we'll see what happens when she calls. I'm not telling anyone else, because it would be SO COOL to be able to surprise our famlies.

UPDATE: Ok she called me back like right away. She said it's too late in the cycle. She did tell me I was 277 on their scale, which was 2.5 pounds more than I weighed on mine. so I need to be at 268.5 on my scale by my next cycle. I CAN DO THIS. I can do better than that. I'm aiming for 266. 8.6 pounds. I should be getting my period around the 7th, so I have 4 weeks. Yikes. That's a lot. But I can do it! And I will do it!!!!
I committed the cardinal sin of infertility last night and *gasp* I googled. I've been concentrating so hard on losing weight, and I had 2 very bad days this week on Sunday and Monday. I was back on track yesterday and am doing fine today, but it got me thinking about this weight limit they impose on me. As of Sunday my BMI was 39.4 (this morning I weighed more, but I always do during the week when I way myself before 11am. Plus I'm not fully recovered from 2 bad days yet). Just barely in the "obese" rather than "very obese" category. I'm so mad at myself for letting it get to this point, and even madder that I let myself have 2 bad days. What if I gained weight back? What if I'm really 277 again, and have to lose 8 or 9 pounds by a month from now to do the IVF? Can I do that? Sure, I lost 8 pounds the first three weeks, but they were the first three weeks! In any case, my google research showed that IVF success rates are lower in women with BMIs over 30, and that miscarriage rates are higher! I don't know what I'd do if I lost a baby. I don't think I could handle it. And yet I can't wait until I lose all the weight because then my kidneys would get crappy again.

My husband said to trust Shady Grove, and I'm trying. They picked their BMI limit for a reason, and their success rates are extremely high (over 60% clinical pregnancy and over 50% take home babies). These rates surely include people like me who are very overweight, right? He said I should ask my nurse about it, but I don't want to hear "well, rates are a bit lower..." so I dont know if I'm going to. I think all I can really do is keep trying my best. I want to punch myself for screwing up my food on Sunday and Monday. I did get back on track, but I'll be devastated if I gain weight this week. I know it happens sometimes to anyone on a weight loss plan, but I have this timeline, and I really want to start in March. I guess what I need to do is start adding in some exercise. I'm still scared because of the heart palpitations, but the doctor seems to think it's from the prednisone, and I'll be off of that soon (THANK GOD). I had an EKG and it was fine, so hopefully it's not going to be an issue much longer. I'll jut have to try a lighter workout. I can back stroke for 45 minutes pretty easily and still burn a ton of calories. Plus I absolutely love swimming. I think when I get back from WI I'm going to start again. I'll have two weeks of working out + eating right before my next period.

I figure that if we start next month, I'll be on BCPs for 3 weeks and then have a week before I get my period, so I will start stimming somewhere around April 5th. That gives me almost 8 weeks to lose weight before the actual procedure. I'd love to lose 15 more pounds. That would bring my BMI down to 37, which is still high, but better. And I'm still eating plenty of food, I'm just eating better food and not over-indulging, so it's quite healthy. I suppose if the IVF doesn't work, I'll just continue losing weight until we try again. Probably another 8 weeks. I feel like such a jerk for gaining so much weight. My lowest adult weight was 180 and my BMI was 25.8. I looked and felt fantastic. How did it get this bad? I'm almost 100 pounds over that, and I was more than 100 pounds over that at one point! It's only been 10 years. I'm just sad at the state of my body, and I need to lose this weight for me anyway. But... I do hope we can have a healthy baby. I need to stop scaring myself and just do what I need to do. And no more bad days. The plan is flexible enough that I can work anything in, so there's no need to binge or go crazy. I know I can do this, it's just a tough day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I love my little man.

That is all.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm ready for Spring, and so I changed the look of my blog. I like it! My writing column was too narrow in the old version, so I'm enjoying the new layout right now.

My weigh-in for Weight Watchers was yesterday, and I lost over 3 pounds, putting me at a total of 8 lost in 3 weeks. I got a message that I'm losing too quickly, but I've been following the plan, using all my weekly points, fitting in desserts and pizza, etc. so I'm not worried about it. It'll even out. I was 274.6 I think. This morning I had my Day 3 bloodwork (even though my period started at 4 on Thursday so it's really day 5) and the weighed me. I was 280 on their scale, but the nurse said they adjust for clothing and shoes! So.. say they drop 3 pounds for that, that puts me at 277, which is 6 pounds from goal! And actually, the BMI chart she gave me had 274 as "too high" and 271 as "Ok" so.. what's 273? I'm only 4 pounds from that lol. She's going to call me later with my blood work, and there's a little part of me that is hoping she says "Well it's only 6 pounds, and you'll be on BCPs for 3 weeks, so if you keep working on it, the Dr. said we can start this month".  A I expecting this? No, but sometimes I can't squash the little optimist inside of me.

The ultrasound was good news all-around. She said my lining was "Nice and thin" (is that really a good thing?) with no cysts on the ovaries. She did count 10 antral follicles on the right an 9 on the left. She said they like to see 10 total, so mine are "Nice and perky" lol. Still not PCOS range, which they say is 30+, so while I won't have TONS of follicles, if they could stimulate and fertilize most of them, that would be awesome. Only time will tell. I had 10 and 10 last ultrasound so that looks to be pretty consistent.

All in all, it was a good appointment. I didn't realize I was getting an ultrasound, so it was more expensive than I thought, but it wasn't too bad. $118. Now I just have to get the blood work back. I'm a little nervous that my TSH will be off, and there's a part of me going "What if my FSH has gotten crazy!?" I mean it was 4.6 last July... I could see it going up to the 5s, but I hope it stuck there. I'm really excited and.. AHHH I just want to get started. I know it's not going to be fun jabbing myelf with needles and being hormonal and seeing the doctor every 15 minutes, but it's still exciting and I'm trying to focus on that. And if it works it'll be more than worth it.

I was talking to Andy about how we have to fill out all the consent forms about what to do with the embryos and he was like "Well we're not getting divorced, but if for some reason we split, you can have them" lol. It makes things easier, but it's still funny. I'm thinking of them as babies already.. he's clearly not. But we had a great talk last night. We talked about how 2010 was so hard for us. How we hit rock bottom at one point and decided we really needed to work on our marriage. We'd only been married for like 8 months, but so many outside influences were coming down on us that we were imploding. But we took that and worked with it and, despite my OCD, our marriage is something that makes me confident. It's nice to know that we can have times where things are REALLY hard, and we'll both pull together and fight to make things better. I wish we hadn't had to have a time like that so early in the marriage, but we both feel so strong and confident. We both believe fully in us andin marriage, and, unlike so many today, aren't willing to give up. I love my husband so much and it's so good to have a partner who has the same sorts of feelings on the subject as I do. I'm a realist. I know things won't always be perfect.. but to know he and I can go through serious health issues with my kidneys and his tumor, and the infertility stress and disappointment.. the death of one of his best friends.. my OCD coming back with a vengeance.. and still come out of it stronget than ever.. is just such a fantastic thing to be grateful for. So with that said, I'm excited, going into this process, to have a partner who is there for me and happy and excited and supportive and ready to give this a go, understanding it won't be easy, and that'll continue through our child's birth and growth. Maybe the last year was a test from God, but I feel like we passed. We still have issues and things to work on and things we fundamentally disagree on... but the lines of communication are open and I'm not delusional enough to think things will always be perfect. But I do know he's there for the long haul and so am I, and that makes me one happy girl.

Last night he said 2011 was turning out, so far, to be better than 2010, and this was the year of Erika's baby lol. He's so looking forward to it. He took the sleeper I bought and put it in his desk drawer so it would be close to him. Every time I look at it he looks at me with the sweetest "I love you and this is going to happen" look. He says he has no doubts at all about us having this baby, except the ones I give him when I  get scared, which he shakes off. He's just a fantastic partner and I'm so excited to start this next chapter. He's going to be such a great daddy. I can't wait!

UPDATE: My nurse was out, but one of the other nurses called back with my blood work (already!). They said everything was within normal limits (including my TSH) and my ultrasound looked great! With a clear HSG, I am ready to go! I just need to hear from Tara about whether they'll be kind and let me start or wait to weigh me again. Either way it's good news!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My friend had her baby today. It's brought on a slew of emotions for me, not the least of which being total excitement and joy. When I saw her text I just knew she was going to say she had the baby. She went into the hospital around 6 and she was born at 12:30. She'd kept the name a secret, and as it turns out I actually love her name. It's so weird that she's a mom now. At the same time, it's also making me think about my own situation. She started trying three months after us and her baby was born today. And she's part of the trifecta of first-try babies, all of whom are now born. I feel.. a little defective. Like something is wrong with my body. I feel like the ability to have children is part of being a woman, and the lack thereof makes me... I dunno.. less of one. I know it's silly and ridiculous but that's what I've been feeling today. I can't wait to meet the baby though. I hope I am bringing my own little one along for the ride though.

Yesterday I was very excited about the whole situation. My nurse said she's going to weigh me Monday and we could get started this cycle if I met the weight, but I don't. She did say that she'll bring me in in March to get a weight and then we can start so that's cool. I was happy, so I bought my very first baby clothes. Well. Andy and I bought baby booties a while ago, but this was the first time I was like "I want to buy clothes for my baby, so I'm going to." This is what I bought:

If you can't see them, those are little baby owls. This was the only thing they had anywhere close to gender neutral, and the owls are so cute so I got it. My husband talked me through my feelings today and says we're going to have a baby, and I'll get to put my baby in this. When I woke up this morning I found him playing with it. I'm so excited.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I got my period yesterday afternoon, which, in my mind, confirms ovulation along with the other signs. I'm a little concerned that my luteal phase was only 10 days, which I know is technically normal by most standards, but my temps were low post-O, so I'm going to try some B6 this month and see if it helps. I also plan to tell the RE about it just in case she wants to give me extra progesterone or anything with my cycle. Tomorrow I'm getting my day 3 blood work, and that's what they're going to go off of to make my IVF plan! I really hope my numbers are ok. I'm a little scared that something will be off and they'll say "No, you have to wait" but I hope not. I want to make it to transfer so badly. I don't have any reason to think I won't, but I'm nervous. I told my husband I was scared yesterday, but he is confident we'll have a biological child, so I'm trying to trust in him.

My sleep last night was filled with awesome dreams. In the first, I received a note from my doctor that my urinary protein was 0. That the treatment had worked. I was so excited I hugged him (he gave me a note even though I was with him - you know how dreams are) and cried. Then I told my dad and he started tearing up. I wish I could really give him that news. In the second dream I was 35 weeks pregnant. It was so cool walking around and having people ask about the baby. It was a perfectly healthy baby, and was getting ready to be born. I think I was going to have it at 36 weeks. I was thrilled... I was just so incredibly happy. I want so much to experience it for real. Andy and I have been through a lot and I hope that this is our silver lining - that this first IVF cycle brings us our dream.

I asked Andy if he was ready to be a dad in 10 months and he replied with a happy (and quick) "Yep!". He's been my rock in all of this, never wavering or faltering. I know he gets scared about being a dad and about us achieving our goal, but he always holds me up so I can believe it'll happen. This month can't go by fast enough. I'm going to be in WI from day 12-16, so I hope I don't ovulate on day 16. That's actually the earliest I ever have, so I probably won't, but we were planning on EOD this month from day 14-O. I guess we'll have to start on day 16, so if I O that day we'll have at least a slight chance, and any later and we'll have been EOD. I guess I'll take some OPKs to track and see when it's coming up so we can do 2 or 3 days in a row if it turns positive around day 16. I completely forgot until just now that I was going to be away, but it looks like we'll have a shot.

I really have to work on my weight loss efforts. If things keep progressing it looks like I'll be at about 6 pounds lost in 3 weeks on weight watchers. It's not as much as I'd like, but nothing to sneeze at, and I'll have about 4.5 weeks to lose another 8 or so, which should be doable. I hope so. I want to start in March! I've come to realize that there is always something going wrong in the IF world, so I'm not counting on it, but I hope it works. When my nurse calls to tll me about my blood work next week, I 'm going to make sure she knows that I plan to have all the weight lost so I can start in March.

I'm excited again. YAY.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Help! Chart Analysis Gone Wrong

I put my temp this morning into FF and it lowered my coverline and changed my crosshairs from solid to dotted. I'm 10dpo, so I don't know why this happened. I figured the drop meant I'd be getting my period soon, not that I may not have ovulated. Could someone please take a look at my chart and tell me what you think? I had a pretty clear ovulation pattern before where they had the crosshairs. I think I still do, but.. I'd love to hear someone else's point of view. Here is my chart:

I think if you took an average of my pre and post-O temps, there'd be a very clear difference. Actually I think I might do that.

OK, Pre-O average: 96.44
Post-O Average: 96.81

So there's definitely a rise, however slight. and my BOOBS HURT. Someone please tell me I'm not crazy and I ovulated. Even if it wasn't a good one... I have next month before IVF.