Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

As always, it's been a while, but things have been pretty crazzy lately. My kidney function is declining and I have a transplant evaluation on December 10th. It's weird to have to think of wills and disability and life insurance and such, but I'm grateful that this kind of technology exists. Hopefully I'll have a living donor and the transplant will work. I'm just praying for that.
The kids are doing well. Evie is going to be starting preschool soon. It's for kids with special needs, but her needs are sensory, so they'll make adjustments for her hyperactivity. She's brilliant. She knows all her colors, shapes, numbers, letters, etc. She just can't sit still so hopefully the spcialized environment will help. Her language has picked up and she's talking and singing up a storm. The new educational coordinator at daycare said her speech was spot on, so that was pretty neat to hear. She's still such a joy to be around, and she's hilarious.
Andrew is growing like a weed. He'll be ten months old on Saturday. He's about 18.5lb now! He's sitting great and we've been catching him rocking on his hands and knees. Andy said he saw him actually crawl two days ago. He stands pretty well, too. He doesn't do a ton of babbling, but that might just be comparatively since Evie never stopped babbling as an infant. He's an angel. He sleeps great. He's an early riser but that's OK when he sleeps from 7-6.
I love the kids so much. I just wish I could be with them all the time!
We took them to get Christmas pictures yesterday. Evie was a tough cookie because she wanted to run, so we employed some special tactics to get a few pictures, but not much. So here's my favorite picture of each kid and the one we got together.