Friday, February 15, 2013

One Week

One week from today my tiny baby will be 1 year old. I feel like this past year was the quickest passage of time I've ever experienced. It's amazing that in that short time, my 5lb 10oz miracle has grown into such a sweet little lady. She takes a few steps, waves and claps, says Hi, Mama, Daddy, No, Yay, and Kitty. She can complete simple tasks if you ask her to - "Clap for mommy" and things like that. She's in a phase where she's just so into her daddy right now. When she sees him get out of his car she gets so excited and starts yelling for him - "dadadadada!". The other day she tried to chase him out of her bedroom. When he closed the door she banged on it saying "DADDY!!" and trying to open it.

She is eating a lot of real food now. Some days she doesn't really get much in the way of puree. She has been waking up once at night this week, but most of the time she sleeps through the night about half the time. She can stand up without holding on to things. She can stand on her own for long periods. She gives kisses now, and snuggles her buddies (stuffed animals).

My heart is aching at how fast she's growing. She's an angel on earth. She's so happy and such a joy to everyone. And she's already almost 1.

I invited about 50 people to her party and a lot of them are coming. I had a cake specially made for her. This weekend we're doing a ton of cleaning to get ready.

Yesterday was our first Valentine's Day with E in our lives. It was perfect. I picked up the baby and met Andy for dinner after work. We ordered a TON of food, and I got an adult side order of macaroni and cheese and one of peas and carrots for E. She ate almost all of it! I couldn't believe it. And then a fiddle/guitar duo came over and sang her "Old McDonald" and "The Farmer in the Dell". It was the only time in the last two weeks she hasn't clapped when we asked her to lol. We got dessert, and Andy and I each gave her tiny bites of our ice cream and pumpkin pie. Andy got her a card and a teddy bear (a polar bear which is his favorite animal) and a Disney Princess board book she LOVED. She got him a card, too, of course. It was a fantastic night. And then we got home and gave E a bath and put her to bed and Andy gave me the same teddy bear (so cute) and a card that literally made me cry. It was the most amazing day. And here are some recent pictures.

Ravioli was a winner:


Looking forlorn in Target.

Daddy's favorite Valentine (last night).

She likes food. Wonder where she gets that from?


Just being beautiful. I love this photo. I wish she was smiling, and I think she did right after I took this. She's so amazing.

Husband appreciation. We went out a few weeks ago and had so much fun.