Monday, September 29, 2014

Catching Up

I suppose it's probably time to play a little catch-up. A lot has been going on in our house. The kids are growing up so fast. Evie's changing day by day and learning so much now that we've found the keys to her potential.

Andrew has been making leaps forward. He has two teeth! And didn't whine or cry at all. It's so much earlier than Evie got teeth. I looked in there and couldn't believe it. I took this picture right after I noticed the second one:

Evie has been pretty cuddly. She's SO into My Little Pony right now and every day on the ride to daycare it's "Music? Listen to pony songs?" and "My little pony my little pony..." singing. She's ridiculous. She can count to 20, she knows all her colors (and her favorite seems to be purple). She knows her shapes (even a hexagon!). She loves butterflies, rainbows, coloring, and being outside. Which is SO hard because I have nowhere to put Andrew and I can't run after her. Her vocabulary is improving. She doesn't always use full sentences, but she can. "I want a sandwich". "I like this". Once she even said "I'm gonna climb this fence". OK...

Because Evie is all over the place it's been hard to catch the two kids together, but Andrew's getting bigger and can sit up on his own! Which, as you can see, he likes. He's trying desperately to figure out crawling. Don't ask me how he got in the kitchen. I was feeding Evie and the whole floor of the house is baby-proofed so I let him just do his thing. When Evie was done she layed with him. It's not the best picture of her but both of them are looking! Andrew's in his signature pose, where he starts kicking his legs and wishing beyond wishes that he will move forward haha. Yesterday he was SO close but when he gets up on his knees he rolls over instead. He's only 8 months old and was almost 2 months early, so I don't expect him to crawl so soon but.. he's getting the hang of it and FAST.

We took the kids to the Fall Fest this weekend. Well, I did. Andy has been working nights and it sucks because it was a PERFECT night. We had a terrible time at the carnival and thought Evie would forever hate rides. I asked my parents to come to this and it was great. Andrew was a doll, Evie rode the rides and loved them, and she even held my hand and led me around to what she wanted to go on! She played the duck game and won a prize for her brother (shown below) and one for my dad (it was a plastic toy way over her age limit). She also splashed the water everywhere but hey, she tried. And her Popi won her a butterfly so she waved it around yelling "I GOT A BUTTERFLY" since they're her favorite.

I took the kids to my parents' house a few weekends ago as well and we got on the swings. Andrew... well... the jury's out, I suppose, but Evie loves it.

And yesterday she got her first real haircut! She's had bang trims and back trims, but this was a for real cut. It was almost down to her butt at it's longest but I think it turned out super cute.

I also gave Andrew his first real food yesterday. He eats purees. He had banana once because I put it on my finger and shoved it in my mouth. But he went to town on this teething biscuit. He was like "Wait, I can chew on this AND it tastes good"?

I guess there's not a whole lot else to tell. Andy's still looking for a day job, and I'm still at my job. I do get 2 days a week from home (instead of 1) starting next week and I'm really looking forward to that. It's a very long commute so I get 2 extra hours with my kids each of those days plus lunch!

Not this coming weekend but the next weekend, Andy and I are going to Ocean City for the weekend. My parents are staying at our house with the kids. It's going to be SO WEIRD to be away from them like that. I haven't been away from both kids overnight ever. When I first got pregnant I had a business trip, and when Andrew was younger my parents watched him overnight once. Never both. It's weird to think I should be able to sleep in in the morning! My kids are fantastic sleepers, but early risers, so I'm generally up by 6:30 on weekends.

Anyway, the day before we leave, we're taking the kids to the local orchard/pumpkin patch to take a hayride, get pumpkins, eat ice cream, and hang out at the petting zoo. I can't wait until Andy finds a day job and we can spend more time as a family because we're so in love with these kids, and every day I feel positively blessed by God. I guess you could say we're doing pretty well.