Thursday, June 27, 2013


OK I guess this deserves a bit of an explanation. But first - yes - I'm pregnant! I'm shocked and scared and excited. If you've been following me a while you know we tried for 14 months with no luck before trying IVF, and our first IVF cycle failed. We conceived Evie on cycle 2. We were pretty well infertile and thought of those people who got pregnant naturally as the lucky folks. You know the kind where it would never happen to you? Especially since we were not trying, and by that I mean... we never got much time alone. We have a 16 month old in a sleep regression. We had exactly 1 uninterrupted night to ourselves last month. We assumed since we weren't trying and those are crappy odds for fertiles, it just wouldn't be possible.

I've been having a lot of symptoms though. Starting with vivid dreams, super painful boobs, headaches, constant peeing.. that kind of thing. I took a test last Thursday and I thought I might have seen the shadow of a line but Andy said I was seeing things. So I waited a week and last night I had this very familiar sensation when I coughed that my uterus was going to come flying out of my butt hole. So I tested. And I sat and watched. And it was a cheap, Answer test with 5 to a box. And after about a minute or 2 (of a 5 minute window) I kind of thought I saw it. Really I knew I did, but I couldn't believe it, so I took the fastest shower ever and came back out and there it was. Clear as day. I tested again this morning and then took a digi.

So here we are. Andy's tumor is gone but he had other issues contributing to our MFI. Plus I make TONS of empty follicles. And.. the timing. But I guess God wants this baby here, and I'm ready to receive it. We have a lot of planning to do, but... here we are.

And since there was only 1 night we could have conceived, I've determined I'm 4w4d with a due date of March 1. But since we'll be delivering early again, baby 2 will be here before E's second birthday. NEVER thought I'd be on my way to 2 under 2. This is surreal. I'm blessed and thankful to God for this little miracle.

And because she's cute, have a photo of E doing squish nose scrunch face last month: