Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I can't believe I'm 13w5d! Apparently I'm due 3/1, so I'm a day further along than I thought, and teeny is measuring not so teeny. 5 days ahead! The NT measurement was perfect. I should hear about the blood results soon. I'm praying for good numbers. It was completely amazing to see the baby. Like last time there was so much hoopla. Supplements and shots and things and this time my body's just doing fine by itself. B2 is moving around like crazy and standing on its head. Still feels like a girl to me, but I was shocked to find out E was a girl. And it's so big and E was so not big haha. Who knows. I Hope for hubs it's a boy. I'm happy either way. It's a baby! And we made it... miraculously. Completely miraculously. Here's a picture of the little one. Upside-down and backwards, but... hey there's a spine and that's good. It does have two arms and two legs lol. We saw them. Oh and I have another post coming about the MFM consult!

Friday, August 16, 2013


I'm pretty sure that Evangeline is officially a toddler. She's started having little tantrums (especially when she's outside and I want her to hold my hand!) and crying over ridiculous things. Last night my husband took her in her bedroom to change her diaper, and the went INSANE when she got in the room. She ended up peeing all over herself, needing a bath, and crying through the whole thing. Tantrum crying. Even after I got home and took over. Usually mommy fixes everything! Not so. This time Jake and the Neverland Pirates fixed it. Really she just thought she was going to bed and was having NO parts of it. Such is life with a toddler! I used to think that "Reasons my son is crying" blog was silly. But no. They really go nuts over the most insane little things.

I think by some inate ability, I'm able to keep calmer than Andy. I'm not the most patient person, but with Evie it's a different story. It takes so much to get me frustrated, so most of the time she's so, so good for me. Andy thinks it's because I'm her mom, but I think a lot of it is because usually it's so easy for me to be calm and relaxed and focused on nothing but what's going to make my baby happy. That's not to say I'm perfect by any means. I'm human, and she is a toddler. And sometimes I feel like I would pay serious money if it would get her to just sit in the bath tub. Or not throw the paper towels on the ground. But there's something about that sweet face. My husband's patience has grown exponentially since E was a tiny tot. I think sometimes since he's staying at home right now, by the end of the day he's pretty tense. But... it's not always easy!

We're leaving tomorrow morning for a week at the beach. I'm pretty excited about it. My parents and my brother and SIL will be there, too. My parents agreed to watch Evie two nights so Andy and I can go out. We don't get a lot of those opportunities. Especially with another baby on the way. I'm planning to cherish this week like no other. It's weird to think it will be our last vacation as a family of three. It's kind of really our first. To think this year will be the last Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween with only 1 baby to shower with love (and presents).

Things are OK on the baby front. We're trying to pick yet another new OB because the other one delivers at a hospital far from my house. Given as many times as I needed to be in the hospital last time, and the possibility of hospital bed rest, I want to be at the hospital close by. I don't think my heart could stand being so far from Evie that she couldn't visit a lot. I'll be 12 weeks on Saturday and it's such a cool thing to be almost into the 2nd tri. Only a little over a week to go! I just need to get to 24 and then take each day as it comes. Halfway there on Sunday.

Lately I've been thinking B2 might be a girl. I hope, for Andy, that it's a boy, but I'd love a girl. I want him to have his boy to do his baseball thing with though. I was wrong with Evie, so really we'll just have to wait and see. I should have some good pictures after the 26th. I have my NT then, which I have to go to alone, but I'm still excited about.

For the time being, I just plan to shower this little sweetheart with love and fun. She was at the beach when she was 6 months, but it's not the same. This time she can run around and play. She can ride rides and win things and eat Boardwalk food. I hope she loves it as much as I do because I think we'll probably go every year.

For now, have some photos of my sweet little tiny. She still loves swings, and her giant jellyfish, Bloop-Bloop. The shopping cart picture was the result of me asking for a photo. She pulled out her barrette and started playing in her hair. Perhaps modeling is not in our future. She sure is cute enough though.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

11w2d and a Surprise Ultrasound

Today I am 11w2d with baby 2. I've decided I need to switch OB offices. I wanted Andy and Evie to hear B's heartbeat, so we all went, but E's a rambunctious toddler, and it took them 45 minutes past my appointment time to see me, so Andy had to take E out to the car. She hadn't napped so he drove her around. Meanwhile, 4 people that got in after me went back. When I did get back there, they told me I needed to come back in 2 weeks instead of 4 because my BP was up (because I was livid) and I had a lot of protein in my urine. Here's how that conversation went:

NP: You have a lot of protein in your urine this time. 4+.

Me: Yes. I always do.

NP: You didn't have any last time.

Me: Yes I did.

NP: Gives me a dirty look.

I'm sorry your nurses are incompetent, but I had protein. I always have protein. Thousands and thousands of mg. I had 5000 in the 24 hour urine I'd done just prior to that appointment. So unless Jesus Christ came down and decided it was time for me to have 1 random clean dipstick test out of the hundreds I've done in the last 5 years, your nurse read the wrong person's results, or did a DIPSTICK test wrong. Then the nurse asked what meds I was on. I said Aldomet (a very common bp med for pregnancy). She had no idea what it was. They use Labetelol, which is a class C drug, whereas Aldomet is a B. So they go to do the doppler and can't find B's heartbeat. And I'm a worrier, but I just sat there, half expecting it because E's was always tough to find, and these people are idiots. They took me to the ultrasound room, where they have one decades-old machine. At 11 weeks I could see B and its little heartbeat, but it just looked like a blob because the machinery is so awful. And of course, Andy and E missed it because it took so damn long to get me back there. So I'm super glad B is ok, but the whole appointment sucked, and I'm switching to a new practice. There's one down the street from work that uses the same high risk OB and my friend raves about them, so we'll give it a try. Oh, and apparently the other practice has a doctor with a lawsuit against him pending. I just don't trust people who can't do a urine dipstick to take care of me during a high risk pregnancy. Nope nope nope. So hopefully the new place is better!