Thursday, May 29, 2014

Moving Right Along

I've been pretty terrible about writing in this blog lately. The truth is simply that life is busy (and tiring). I work full time and spend just about every moment I'm not working taking care of the kids. Really it's a wonderful way to live, I just wish I got more sleep! Andrew is 4 (FOUR!!) months old now. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. He's almost 12lb now, so he's still a tiny little guy, but he's huge to me since he started at 4lb 7oz and was under 4 at one point. The other day I put him in a 6m (albeit a SMALL 6m) set from Carter's and it fit him. Normally that would be the expected size but I was sort of (really) surprised since he's a preemie.

He's doing really well. He's trying so hard to roll back to front. He can do it, he just gets stuck on his arm sometimes. He's sitting better and better. When he's hungry in the boppy he does these baby sit-ups. I don't think he realizes he's doing it, but I'm less and less worried he won't be sitting up by 6 months like the doctor wants. It seems odd to me since his adjusted age will be just over 4 months, but if she thinks he can do it then I think he can do it. We'll be introducing solids next month which is pretty cool.

He generally goes to sleep at about 8. On a good night he sleeps until 6 and wakes up once. Normally he wakes up twice, so I'm tired, but it really isn't so bad. And he's pretty consistently sleeping at least 8-12 so I can relax and unwind a little since Evie is in bed by then too.

All in all, life with two kids is amazing. Evie is a fantastic big sister. AND she's caught up so much with her language. The SLP says she's gained a year in the last 6 weeks and if she was like this the first time she came out she'd have said Evie didn't need her help. Everyone says she'll be fine for kindergarten. Which is good because she's so smart. She sits there and counts and does colors and shapes. She's just such an amazing kid and she's gotten so cuddly. I get kisses and hugs and her brother gets showered with love from her! She's no longer crying when I drop her off at daycare, and she's startig to become engaged in the class. Every so often there's a difficult day, but for the most part I LOVE being a mom to two small kids. I'd have another tomorrow if my kidneys would allow it.

It's like a tattoo. Once you have one you just want more and more!