Cycle History

This is a timeline of what we've dealt with so far in the world of infertility.

1998 - PCOS diagnosis. Cycles are as short as 17 days or as long as a few months apart.

Sept 2008 - Kidney disease diagnosis. We weren't super concerned at the time.

Feb 2009 - Switch nephrologists and Find out how bad kidney disease is. Told to have kids ASAP. Dr. says we can wait until Oct. wedding.

August 2009 - Dr. wants to start IV prednisone. We do.

October 2009 - Wedding. Not officially TTC due to prednisone, but since doc says it's OK for a fetus, we're not preventing. Andy gets hormone tests for TTC. Results come back very poor.

December 2009 - MRI shows a pituitary tumor for Andy.

January 2010 - Appointment with RE. Refers us to fertility urologist. Need SA before starting treatment. She gives me an IVF packet.

January 2010 - Appointment with urologist. Starts Andy on Dostinex for the tumor.

Feruary 2010 - Officially trying.

March 2010 - Dostinex is helping, but not as much as Dr. would like. Prescribes HCG and Arimidex, but insurance denies. Another RE appointment. She recommends IVF again.

April 2010 - SA complete! Results not good. Count and morphology low. Waiting...

June 2010 - SA #2 complete! Much better! Still not quite normal. Count much higher, morph 5%. Appointment with RE. She recommends unmedicated IUI. CD3 bloodwork shows slightly elevated TSH. IUI cancelled.

July 2010 - IUI scheduled, but cancelled due to negative kidney test results. Everything on hold while waiting to hear from doctors if I should attempt a pregnancy now or do a treatment for my kidneys first.

September 2010 - Kidney treatment plan established. Waiting to start pills. Hopefully later this month. Decided to move straight to IVF when kidney numbers are OK.

October 2010 - Meds started 10/04. TSH regulated at 1.6! Counting down the days...

December 2010 - HSG all clear!!

January 2011 - Cleared for IVF!! Now I have to lose 10 pounds.

February 2011 - Day 3 blood work is all within normal limits. Day 3 ultrasound shows 19 antral follicles and no cysts. 5 pounds from IVF weight.

March 2011 - IVF weight met and exceeded. Start BCPs for anticipated April retrieval and transfer.

March 2011 - SHG completed and clear. All tests done and ready to begin injections when out of BCPs.

April 2011 - IVF #1. 22 antral follicles. Start antagonist protocol with follistim, menopur, and ganirelix. 12 follicles grow, but only 5 mature eggs retrieved. 3 fertilized, 2 perfect embryos on day 3. Transferred 1, froze 1 on day 5. BFN.

May 2011 - Talk with doctor about next steps. She recommends frozen transfer, but we want to wait since insurance only covers fresh. We ask her to transfer 2 embryos, but she won't because of my kidney problem. She does agree to a fresh cycle.

June 2011 - Fresh IVF #2. 17 antral follicles. 22 by the end. 12 eggs retrieved, 9 mature, 5 fertilized. Transferred 1 perfect blast on day 6. Froze 2.

July 2011 - BFP on 7/09 at 10dp6dt.