Monday, August 11, 2014

Growing Up Fast!

Life is hectic. It's crazy with two kids, amazing as those two kids may be. The truth is, I hit the kid lottery. They're amazing, and I feel like I can count the number I've times I've thought "I can't handle this!" on fewer fingers than I have on one hand. I've gotten a bedtime routine down even for when Andy's at work. 
 Evie is still dealing with her sensory issues, but she's doing so well. Her language has exploded and she's now forming real sentences like "I need diaper change" "I touch it!" and "Do you like chicken"? Sometimes it's tough to understand, but I think 85% of the time I know what she's saying, so now she wants to know what everything is. I hear "what's that" about a thousand times a day. She's completely obsessed with rainbows and butterflies, she's interacting well with other kids (which is SO CUTE) and she's ready to start potty training. I can't get over the leaps and bounds she's made. We had an appointment with Kennedy Krieger, but it was terrible. They don't think she is on the spectrum (which is good because I just don't think she fits there? and she's responding to the therapies for SPD) but they also don't believe in Sensory Processing Disorder. They want to label her with Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder, but that doesn't fit either. Her SLP was kind of appaled at how the visit went. They scored her way too low on her tests (which her SLP says is due to inexperience of the intern and making Evie wait in a room with nothing to do for an HOUR before testing her). She doesn't think Evie has SPCD or that you can even give it to a 2 year old. I agree, so we're going to go back for the second evaluation, but we're going to continue to treat her for standalone SPD since that's what she's responding so well to. She's amazing in daycare and I'm so proud of her. She has her toddler moments but generally she's super happy, especially outside. She's a bit of a daredevil so she's about to start gymnastics so she can learn to do the things to release her energy in a safe way.
Andrew is great. He's still not quite sitting up on his own at almost 7 months. He can do it, but only for a short time. He has the muscle strength but not the balance. I keep wanting to be worried, but then I remember he's a preemie and he's more like a 5 and a half month old than a 7 month old. His appetite is insatiable. He eats SO MUCH food and I can't wait until he's ready for finger foods. He's sweet and quiet and good-natured, though he's starting to make louder noises. He's interested in everything, especially bouncing and trying to "swim" on my knee. He's so happy most of the time unless he's tired. I CAN NOT believe he will be 7 months this week. I can't. The time has gone by way too fast. He generally sleeps 7:30-6:30 with 1 wake-up for about 5 minutes to eat, which is fine because he's still pretty small. I transferred him to the crib a few weeks ago, and he does pretty well. This week he's been waking up at 4 wanting to be with me, but I can handle a regression here and there. Plus I missed his sweet face and the way he has to be RIGHT UP AGAINST ME. He has a soft spot for his mommy for sure, and that's OK because I want to give him 8000 kisses a day. Usually I end up covered in drool because he's always sticking his tongue out, but I don't even care.

Andy has been doing well with Andrew. Not to say that he wasn't before, but he started working more nights and taking care of  Andrew alone during the day and they're building an adorable bond. We keep talking about a vacation we're taking in March and I can't wrap my brain around the fact that Andrew will be 1 then and Evie will be 3 because it just doesn't seem that far away. I don't really know what to do about that but I suppose I'll have to get used to it. What I can say right now is that having 2 babies is more amazing than I ever could have dreamed.