Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Comings and Goings

As usual, when I wait forever to post updates, I have a lot going on, but I don't have a lot of time to post right now, so I'll be pretty direct.

Andrew: Andre was given a school diagnosis of Autism last month. He started at The Autism School a week later, and is doing well. He has adjusted extremely well. We're still working on concrete words, but we always think we hear him say things. One day it'll be consistent. He's finally off the bottle and on a sippy cup 100% of the time. And he's FINALLY expanding his food repertoire! Today he ate two peanut butter sandwich crackers. I know it sounds silly, but it's not a puree! He's as happy as can be, but he's starting to throw more tantrums, which is pretty on par for a kid about to turn 3, and he's getting frustrated because he can't talk to us. We're scheduling an evaluation with Kennedy Krieger to try to see what they think will help him the most. All in all though, he's doing well, and is as sweet and cuddly as ever. Unless he's outside and you bring him inside. By God, are you insane? DONT DO IT.

I don't have nearly enough pictures of Evie on my phone. She's also doing well in school. She's headed to a regular kindergarten, and her teacher keeps telling us much she's improved. She's sitting still and focusing better, and her fine motor skills are improving. She wrote her name, and below you can see a self portrait, which was one of my goals for the end of the school year, and it's only November. She is pretty moody as 4 year olds can be, and uses so much energy focusing at school that at home it's a task to.. keep her on task. But she's such a little love. Always giving us hugs and kisses and telling us she loves us.  She's letting me read whole stories to her now and actually listening. And she never, ever, EVER stop stalking lol. She''s hilarious.

In a few months, my kids will have a new biological sister, and we'll have a biological DAUGHTER out there in the world. I'm sooooooooo happy for her parents. They've picked out a beautiful name, and though I can't share pictures, I should get one and I'll let you know how much she looks like Evie! This little girl is such a blessing. I hope one day I get to meet her, but I'm certain her parents are going to be so wonderful to her, and I'm so glad we picked them. It's been an outright wonderful experience, even if at times I miss her and wish she could have been ours. God had a different plan, and it's a great one. 

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